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As Chicagoans, we learn our way around by learning where things are in relation to Lake Michigan, we wait for the train to pass before we continue our conversations and we never let anyone take advantage of us. That’s probably why you’re here. You want to figure out how to get a respectable deal on your next (or first vehicle), right?

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Could it be? Is a real Tesla competitor ready to go toe to toe with the leader in luxury EVs? It could be happening. Lucid Motors’ executive staff includes some former Tesla leaders and it kind of looks like they’re doing some of the right things. However, they are taking the market skimming approach, which means most of us won’t be able to get our hands on an expensive Lucid vehicle for a while; maybe never. We’ll see.

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The dealer cost is the sum of the expenses paid by the dealer to get a vehicle onto its lot for retail sale. Knowing this sum helps car shoppers get a better idea of what to offer for a vehicle. The BMW dealer cost isn’t readily available to shoppers but there is a simple way to get it. You’ll need a few figures.

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All-wheel drive has gained popularity in the past decade because it is thought of as a safety feature that doubles as a tool during inclement weather. It’s also a popular feature among sports cars because it improves traction and cornering. Today, AWD availability isn’t limited to your Subarus and GTRs. It’s available across the board, and sometimes it’s available with vehicles you would never expect.

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Everyone wants a good deal when they shop for autos. However, most drivers aren’t aware of a number that helps, more than any other piece of information, when securing the best possible negotiated car price. It’s called the “invoice price” or the “true dealer cost.”

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If you’re going to be in the market for a new truck this winter, you’ll be noticing the Jeep pickup, which isĀ supposed to arrive within the next few months. We don’t know exactly what this truck will be like, but we do know some aspects of it.

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Shopping for products online is a standard practice in today’s “connected” world. Car shopping is no exception. But before you just click on that first search link and start getting prices, you should know what you’re getting into.

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