BMW Dealer Cost Helps Savvy Buyers Negotiate Car Deals

The dealer cost is the sum of the expenses paid by the dealer to get a vehicle onto its lot for retail sale. Knowing this sum helps car shoppers get a better idea of what to offer for a vehicle. The BMW dealer cost isn't readily available to shoppers but there is a simple way to get it. You'll need a few figures.


The holdback is like a rebate. It's paid to the dealership from the manufacturer. Conveniently for you, BMW doesn't pay a holdback; so, you don't need to worry about it!

Invoice Price

The invoice price is what the dealer pays for the vehicle itself. It is like a wholesale price, paid to the manufacturer by the dealership. Your sales rep may (or may not) let you see the invoice of the vehicle you like, but it will be convoluted and you will need to study it to get any useful information. An easier way to get the invoice price is to request it here at Chicago Car Dealer Cost. It's free and there's no obligation. NOTE: Please be careful not to overlook this information on our pages. The invoice price and other information is revealed just after you submit your request.

Destination Fees (Destination Charges)

Destination fees are expenses paid to prepare the vehicle and transfer it to the dealership lot. BMW's fees total about $800, in most cases.

The Formula

dealer cost = invoice price + destination fees - holdback

*holdback is not applicable for BMW

That's it! For BMW buyers, it will look like this:

dealer cost = invoice price + $800

Pretty simple, right? Get your invoice price when you request a free quote here. (Be careful not to overlook it, just after you submit your request.)