Bet You Didn’t Know These 4 Sports Cars Are Available with AWD

All-wheel drive has gained popularity in the past decade because it is thought of as a safety feature that doubles as a tool during inclement weather. It's also a popular feature among sports cars because it improves traction and cornering. Today, AWD availability isn't limited to your Subarus and GTRs. It's available across the board, and sometimes it's available with vehicles you would never expect.

Volkswagen Golf R

This car is surprising in many ways. First of all, it has an AWD system. Second, it has as much power as the muscle cars mentioned below; 290, to be precise. That's a lot of juice for a little hatchback. It's suspension and optional six-speed manual transmission make it a fun little thing to operate, especially if you like German brands.

Dodge Challenger

Dodge made headlines this winter by announcing an AWD two-door muscle car to hit the lots early in 2017. The Challenger GT will retail for about $34K and includes a 305 horsepower engine with an eight-speed transmission. It's radical!

Dodge Charger

Unlike the Challenger, the Charger has been available with all-wheel drive for years. Nobody seems to notice but perhaps they should. At just over $30K, the AWD charger is one of the more affordable full-size AWD vehicles out there. Don't worry, the AWD model doesn't sacrifice the muscle car power the Charger traditionally has. It has 292 horsepower and can tow more than a lot of SUVs can.

Audi TT

When you look at the TT, you think you've got it figured out. It's Audi's compact sportster; so it competes with small sports cars like the MX-5 and the 370Z, right? Well, yes and no. It's not a barebones sports car designed only to be fun and to look good. It's functional both on the track and on the way to work. In other words, it's a little more sophisticated than an MX-5 and a Fiat Spider and it's a little more useful to commuters and travellers than a Z. To support that claim, let's make some comparisons.

Base Version Specs

  TT MX-5 370Z
MSRP $43,500 $24,915 $29,900
0-60 (secs) 4.2 5.8 5.1
Cargo Space 12ft3 4.59ft3 4.2ft3 (convertible)
6.9ft3 (coupe)

As you can see, the TT's higher price may be justified if you need speed, functionality and all-wheel drive at the same time.

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